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A New Anti-Intruder App that Surpasses All Others

With the advent of mobile devices, usage came great strides in connection with the world at
large. Unfortunately, this also gave rise to the misuse of such devices by malicious forces.
Stolen devices, and tampering with devices became common. This led to the birth of a new
industry of apps, the “anti-intruder” apps that are used now.
These apps had restrictions, however, in effectively recording the data of tampering, with some
only sending out a signal, or restricting the recording to a few minutes. This is not proving to be
all that helpful with stolen devices, or those at home or in the workplace.
With this in mind, Intel Secure Data, located in Maryland has achieved the goal of perfecting the
functionality associated with an Anti-Intruder App. The version produced by ISD is simpler to use
and records video of any individuals using any mobile device longer. It is also completely silent
and undetectable by tamperers or other malicious users.
Called IntrusionIntercept, this patented version is being well received by suppliers and even
personal users of all mobile devices. Knowing that a mobile device is safe from loss, theft, or
unauthorized usage is of course, what has made the public yearn for the ability to license this
Stolen and tampered devices can now be tracked seamlessly. This newest variation is patented
by the USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office), and therefore the new edition
cannot be replicated by any other companies without a licensing agreement from ISD. Mr.
Dobbins is also open to several licensing offers as the objective is to provide as much security
as possible to as many users of mobile apps as possible.
Licensing is the focus of ISD, as this application will then be more available to more consumers
as a whole. It can be used for businesses that supply mobile devices, as well as security
agencies, government offices, and even police to possibly assist in human trafficking.
Home usage is also welcomed for assisting in monitoring the behaviors of teenagers who tend
to pass around their cell phones, their tablets, and their laptops. Teenagers are carefree and
many times simply act impulsively. They also routinely lose their mobile devices.

The inventor, Vincent A. Dobbins, SR, has already obtained three other patents and is well-
versed in security issues of all types. The existing apps of this sort do not offer the advanced

features and heightened security that Mr. Dobbins has programmed into the app.
It is time for any individual to assist in preventing the tampering and theft of mobile devices of all
types. Jumping on board with a licensing agreement through Intel Secure Data will lead to a
more secure world. There can also be a great deal of compensation involved for all licensees.
This will be determined on a case-by-case basis so all inquiries are welcome.
About Intel Secure Data
Intel Secure Data is a newly registered business with the Small Business Association and is
located in the state of Maryland. The founder, Vincent A. Dobbins, SR, is an avid inventor who
has worked in the security field for decades. He is African American and a small business owner
who works despite a disability. All information on contact and specifics as well as the Abstract
and features can be done through the Patent Application website:
https://www.patentauction.com/patent.php?nb=17882 All messages are responded to within 24
hours of receipt.

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